Wood Chipper Power Unit

EPS Chipper Power Unit

To survive the real-world environment of tree care, wood chippers need to be tough and reliable. The same holds true for the power units that drive them, and EPS chipper power unit offers that level of performance and more. Not only does it include popular features found on other brands, it also incorporates many unique solutions designed to overcome common problems and weaknesses that can directly effect product reliability and longevity.

Standard Features

  • Unlike conventional "flat-top" power units, the angled metal housing deflects chips away from the engine compartment where they can contribute to cooling problems and engine fires. The combination of the enclosure shape, a specially designed high capacity radiator and a pusher fan system, greatly reduces the chances of engine overheating – the number one complaint with other designs.
  • A locking rod-action throttle eliminates another common source of complaints: control cables. By utilizing mechanical linkage to set and maintain a steady RPM, there are no cables to break, slip or freeze in the winter.
  • Transferring power from the engine to the chipper cutting device puts a tremendous strain on the drive train and clutch assembly, and this connection is a weak link in many other designs. EPS chipper power units utilize a heavy-duty oversize automotive clutch, high-inertia flywheel and a dual-bearing output shaft for improved performance and reliability.Member National Arborist Association
  • Maintenance is simplified and reduced thanks to an easy-to-change air cleaner that is positioned away from chips and dust.
  • The rugged power take-off is designed to withstand heavy side loads.
  • Power is provided by Kubota's 67HP, 85HP, and 99HP V3 series diesel engines offering high output and torque, low noise and emissions, and a long service life.
Wood Chipper Power Unit

Designed and built for
tough environments

Wood Chipper Power Unit

Removable doors for
easy service access

Wood Chipper Power Unit

Convenient access to engine coolant


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