Motor Coach GeneratorBus & Motor Coach Diesel Power Generator Products

EPS is one of the largest suppliers in the U.S. for custom motor coach diesel power generator units. Our rugged generators are reliable and cost-effective, and reflect extensive knowledge of engines, electrical generators and application engineering. They are available in a range of sizes with a variety of options, so it's easy to configure a customized diesel generator to suit your particular use – without the need for modifications during installation. Our comprehensive technical assistance and service before, during and after the sale, means you can be assured of trouble-free installation and long-term performance.

Bus & Motor Coach Diesel Power Generator Standard Features

  • Eight bus & motor coach diesel generator models, ranging from 7 KW to 40 KW.
  • Compact and low profile for various installations.
  • Kubota water-cooled diesel engine ensures reliability, long life and low cost operation.
  • 1800 RPM operation for quiet operation and maximum engine life.
  • 12VDC alternator and electrical system with color-coded wiring for easy service and maintenance.
  • One-side service – spin-on fuel filter, oil filter and single-stage air cleaner.
  • Electric fuel pump (shipped loose) allows for a reliable connection to a remote fuel supply.
  • Manual Start/Stop control panel with hourmeter.
  • Shutdowns for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature.
  • Single phase, 120/240V Newage brushless generator with +/-1.5% AC voltage regulation.
  • Pedestal mounting feet.
  • Operator's manuals, schematic diagrams and general installation instructions included.
  • Optional Smart Start System (below) and numerous other bus & motor coach diesel power generator options available.

Bus & Motor Coach Diesel Power Generator Optional Smart Start Control System

Motor Coach Generator Remote ControlThe Smart Start System provides simple one touch automatic starting and stopping from a remotely-mounted display panel. Oil pressure, water temperature, charging volts, engine RPM and running hours continuously scroll across the LCD screen, and in the event of a problem, the Smart Start System alerts the user and automatically shuts the engine down before severe damage can occur. Any warnings or shutdowns, along with their possible causes, are displayed on the screen. In the event of a problem, fault codes recorded in the panel's memory can be easily accessed.

Motor Coach Generator Remote ControlThe Engine Control Panel contains a multi-position key-switch that allows you to bypass the electronics and manually start and stop the engine. The low oil and high temperature shutdown functions remain active when operating in the bypass mode. And the connection between the Remote Display Panel and the Engine Control Panel is fast and easy using a 1/4" diameter, 4-wire shielded plug-in cable (up to 75' long) – which means there are no bulky wiring harnesses to install.

Motor Coach Generator
Dimensions for EPS Bus & Motor Coach Generator Units Mounted on Roller Frames
EPS Model Number KW Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.)
10007 7 47.6 24.5 29.5
10009 9 47.6 24.5 29.5
10012 12 47.6 24.5 29.5
10015 15 49.2 24.5 29.5
10020 20 49.2 24.5 29.5
10024 24 52.7 24.5 29.5
10030 (1) 30 57.0 28.9 30.9
10040 40 72.9 30.0 37.0

(1) Dimensions shown for rear mount radiator on 30 KW unit.

Specifications subject to change without notice.