Diesel Generator20-45 kW Mobile Diesel Power Generator Products

EPS 20-45 kW mobile diesel power generator models feature our unique "labyrinth" air channeling enclosure that helps reduce dirt accumulation and noise, as well as a low vibration engine isolation system. Top and bottom mounting brackets allow these mobile diesel power generators to be base mounted or hung – the latter being ideal for mounting under trucks or trailers. These generators are built to rugged commercial construction standards, with verifiable output ratings and easy installation and maintenance. Power is provided by a tough and reliable Kubota diesel engine.

20-45 kW Mobile Diesel Power Generator Standard Features

  • Compact modular design has been optimized to handle the demands of a wide range of mobile applications.
  • Labyrinth air channeling helps reduce dirt accumulation and operating noise.
  • Low vibration engine isolation system for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Unit can be base mounted or hung (ideal for trucks or trailers).
  • On-board or remote radiator options for maximum installation flexibility.
  • Convenient single-side service with full access to engine maintenance parts.
  • Easy installation hook-ups for exhaust, battery and fuel.
  • Conveniently-located fuel and battery quick-connect hook-ups.
  • Two-step powder coat painting process helps reduce corrosion.
  • Rugged construction top-to-bottom for dependable service and a long life.
  • Numerous mobile diesel power generator options, including remote contol panels, allow you to customize the unit to meet your needs.
Diesel Generator

"J" Series Enclosure

Diesel Generator

"H" Series Enclosure

Diesel generator control

Modular Control System (MCS) –
the electronic "brain"

Optional Modular Control System for the "H" Series –
Standard on the "J" Series

The Modular Control System (MCS) provides the ultimate in control and monitoring capabilities, as well as easy integration with various inverters and transfer switches. The MCS includes a standard, remote mounted multi-position key switch that provides one-touch, automatic start and stop capabilities. The system also offers a by-pass control mode to allow operation in a "manual" mode without electronics. NOTE: The MCS is not available on the ENCLOSED 45 kW "H" series mobile diesel power generator model due to space constraints, nor the "J" series generator model with a Cummins engine (#10024-JCENC).

The MCS can be operated remotely using several panel options:

  • Basic panel with an hourmeter.
  • Analog Gauge panel with oil pressure, water temperature, battery voltage, engine run hours and check engine fault light.
  • Deluxe LCD panel that can display four operational parameters simultaneously, including engine oil pressure, water temperature, charging volts, RPM, run hours, generator voltage, generator current, power consumption and frequency. The parameters displayed can be configured by the user or all parameters can be viewed in sequence using the scrolling display feature. The display also provides reminders for oil change and air filter change based upon the engine manufacturer factory recommendations. An additional AC metering option is available on the LCD display which provides the user with real-time generator voltage, current, power consumption and frequency.
  • All three remote panels have simple one touch automatic start/stop operation. In the event of a problem, the MCS automatically stops the genset and provides fault code information on the remote panel to identify the reason for the shutdown.
Diesel generator control

Standard remote start panel

Diesel generator control

Analog gauge panel (also
available for 9 & 12 KW
models without the MCS)

Diesel generator control

Deluxe LCD remote panel

20-45 kW Mobile Diesel Power Generator Specifications
EPS Model Number 10024-JKENC 10024-JCENC 10030-HENC 10040-HENC 10045-HENC
KW – Stand-by (1) 23.0 23.6 30.2 39.0 45.0
KW – Continuous (1) 20.7 21.3 26.5 34.1 40.7
120 / 240V (Single Phase Continuous Amps) 173 / 86 177 / 88 220 / 110 284 / 142 339 / 169
Engine Kubota V2003 TMBG Cummins 4A2.3T-G1 Kubota V3300 BG Kubota V3600 T BG Kubota V3800 DI T BG
Fuel Consumption (US Gal./hr.) @ 25% / 50% / 100% Load .51 / 1.03 / 2.05 .75 / 1.16 / 2.13 0.58 / 1.16 / 2.33 0.75 / 1.50 / 3.00 0.85 / 1.70 / 3.40
Length (inches) 59.09 59.09 70.24 70.24 70.24
Width (inches) 27.0 27.0 28.75 28.75 28.75
Height (inches) 27.5 27.5 32.75 32.75 32.75
Weight (including oil & antifreeze) 1300 lbs. 1300 lbs. 1700 lbs. 1740 lbs. 1765 lbs.

(1) All unit ratings are established at 1.0 power factor, 68 degrees F and 500 ft. above sea level. De-rate unit by 3.5% for every 1000 ft. above 500 ft. and 1% for every 10 degrees F above 68 degrees F.

Specifications subject to change without notice.